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Get to know Stacey A. Zahoranski

Stacey has nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Something that sets Stacey apart is her authentic, kind and caring manner, as well as her keen ability to listen to her clients’ needs and make recommendations that always have the client’ best interests at heart. She strives to share her financial knowledge with her clients, to educate and empower them, and to have them recognize her not only for being their financial advisor but a trusted confidant. Stacey is honored to serve her clients as a Certified Kingdom Advisor®.

Stacey graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College with both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Speech Communication degree. She earned her MBA from Case Western Reserve’s Weatherhead School of Management. Stacey has dedicated herself to helping clients create and implement a sound investment plan – a life plan – one that helps them achieve and maintain financial security for themselves and their family, for generations to come. Such planning is not a single event, it is a process. Stacey works with each client to design a holistic plan, targeted to the client’s specific needs and life goals, including, but not limited to, investment planning, retirement planning, life and long term health care insurance, and estate investment planning. One of Stacey’s great passions is working with women to help them achieve financial success, freedom and empowerment. She serves a special niche of women clientele who are going through transition and need this type of advisor and is well known for hosting events for her female clients, their guests and her prospective clients. These custom-tailored workshops and presentations help educate and promote financial success for women.

Stacey serves as Founder and Leader of the Christian Business Women’s Connection of Akron, OH and is a Board Member for the women’s leadership organization, Athena Akron. She is a member of the Akron Tax and Estate Planning Council of Akron, a member of the Estate Planning Advisory Council for Case Western Reserve University, and is President of the Board for the Breast Cancer Innovation Foundation. Stacey is the recipient of the distinguished “Women’s Network Founder’s Award for Economic Progress for Women 2011.” Stacey finds pure joy in being mother to her son, Zach, and daughter, Anna, and wife to her husband, Richard. West Akron is where Stacey and her family call home.

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